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Our company prides itself on our superior product, as well as our superior team. We believe in what we offer and go above and beyond to ensure you do too. The CourtTech USA team strives to be as efficient, available, and helpful in our office as we are before, during, and after installation. Though our confidence and energy are abundant, please take a look at what our clients have to say: 

Mike Monen
Chattanooga, TN - Scenic City Squash
Built: February 2016

Playing on CourtTech squash courts are like putting on the greatest golf course in the word. No weird bounces and the walls play super consistent around the entire court. The entire CourtTech team was a pleasure to work with. They were super professional, dependable and passionate about quality. Every time we have an out of town guest I am reminded just how great our courts are. Guest are always telling me our courts are the best squash courts they have every played on. The installation team was amazing. Jordan and his team were super professional and passionate about delivering the greatest courts possible. I would always highly recommend CourtTech squash courts.

AJ Kohlhepp 
Sheffield, MA - Berkshire School
Built: August 2016

Berkshire underwent a comprehensive review of court

manufacturers prior to signing with CourtTech. Their pitch was superior and their product speaks for itself. The installation

process, which was integrated into a larger

renovation/construction project in our athletic center, went smoothly as far as I was aware. The installers were professional, and the team in the office was always quick to respond to our questions and concerns. The courts, which we are proud to boast 10 of, play as well or better than those at

comparable schools’ facilities. Visiting teams have referred to our facility as a “cathedral,” and the courts themselves constitute a huge part of that aesthetic appeal. Berkshire School has gone from well below average in terms of our squash facilities to among the finest in New England Schools.

Todd Iliff

Minneapolis, MN - Boast Squash
Built: June 2017

After intensive research and investigation, Boast Squash zeroed in on CourtTech Squash Courts.  CourtTech had the highest quality product, an industry leading warranty, and a team to make it all happen.  Our analysis revealed that the CourtTech System courts and the Juncker’s squash flooring offered ideal playing surfaces, unparalleled in the world of squash.  Our CourtTech courts are literally world class; there are no finer courts anywhere and players are acutely aware of this from the first hit during a warm up.

We were amazed by the CourtTech crew’s installation process.  From offloading containers, to placement of the materials in our building, and finally to install and finish, each step was totally organized and meticulously done according to plan.  We were greatly appreciative that our courts were finished on schedule to the day!  When we developed a minor issue shortly after install (a single loose net), CourtTech immediately flew lead installer extraordinaire, Jordan Aldrich, to Minneapolis to adjust and test all of our netting. 

We have had nothing but compliments from players about our courts.  They play true and consistent across each and every court.  The walls reward good, well placed shots.  The Juncker’s squash flooring is easy on the legs and provides a proper and consistent ball bounce that allows for quality squash play. 

We are grateful to CourtTech for providing us with an absolutely first-class product.  The entire CourtTech team could not have been more accommodating or easier to work with.   We highly recommend CourtTech USA to anyone looking to build or remodel squash courts.

PJ Patel

Newtown, PA - Private Residence
Built: October 2016

I chose CourtTech because of the expectation of low maintenance. We looked at multiple types of courts and wanted a court that played like plaster but without the maintenance. The installation process was easy. The CourtTech team was easy to work with. They are hard working and go the extra mile to ensure a smooth process. The court is solid, plays well, the

walls are straight and it has been low maintenance so far. It was a pleasure working with Andrew, Jordan and team. They were helpful and available from the beginning to the end. They were also available after the project was done to aid in every way they could. I would recommend CourtTech USA.

Barrett Takesian

Portland, ME - Portland Community Squash
Built: November 2016

Portland was excited by a new company dedicated to providing the best courts with an emphasis on durability. The CourtTech installation team came to PCS early in the process and found a way to fit the courts in through an exterior window. CourtTech helped with the layout so four courts could fit into the sanctuary of an old synagogue with 4” to spare between the columns and the pitched ceiling. PCS had to juggle the closing date, and CourtTech accommodated our timing needs. When the courts arrived, the team was extremely efficient. The CourtTech team was fair, helpful, and friendly from start to finish. The courts were assembled in one month. Our members rave that every bounce is exactly the same, whether it’s the floor, front wall, or side walls. The floors are soft on members’ joints, and the sand-filled walls do not resonate sound in the sanctuary. The walls are exemplary, but the little touches set the courts apart. Some examples include rounded red outlines and tin line to show when balls are out of court, taught nets that keep the balls in the court, easy to use glass doors, and big beech wood floorboards. Members that were hesitant to join, couldn’t stay away from the CourtTech courts. The courts have been our primary membership driver. The system court is worth the investment.


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