Squash Court Design

Every type of squash court wall has specific on-site dimensions and characteristics for the installation. It’s important to clarify the technical details of the squash court during the design phase.

The most important factors to consider are:

Our Court Difference

1. Solid Walls

CourtTech USA offers two different wall solutions:

  • The 94 mm thick CT System Wall is completely free-standing and supporting masonry walls are not necessary. In principle, CourtTech system walls can be placed in the middle of a large hall without any connections to the building.

  • The 40 mm thick CT Half System Wall is made of the same material as the CT System Wall, but it’s fixed to existing masonry or concrete walls. Internal dimensions between structural walls need to be carefully considered with this type of court.

A combination of both of these types is possible in the same court.

2. Glass-Back Walls

For player-safety, the glass back wall is the most important component of a squash court. The clear width of the entrance door for both types of CourtTech glass back wall is 914mm, complying with international requirements for handicapped access.

3. Flooring

For player comfort and safety, squash court floors should be fully sprung in accordance with the latest European Performance Standards.

To also comply with World Squash Federation requirements, floors should be constructed of a light coloured hard wood to enable the fast-moving ball to be seen in play and with textured surface for grip. Squash court floors should be unsealed.

4. Lighting

The minimum lighting level for a standard squash court (according to the Squash Court Specification of the World Squash Federation) is 500 lux.
To fulfill TV camera requirements, the lighting level in an all-glass court should be a minimum of 1300 lux.


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