About CourtTech

Our Goal: squash available to all. 

Our Approach: building the best courts possible.

Based on decades of experiences in the squash market, we know the secrets of success and how to translate them into successful and economical facilities. We have a passion for squash, and it translates into our products and service. CourtTech was founded by experienced court builders and squash players, Markus Gaebel and Michael Regnauer. Together they set out to develop court components of top quality and shocking versatility. In co-operation with the University of Applied Science of Rosenheim, Germany and Regnauer Fertigbau – the parent company of CourtTech – they developed a world-beating engineered squash court wall system. 

The sand-filled CT walls provide a perfect ball bounce and the wall construction absorbs impact and vibration. The special tongue and groove connection between panels guarantees durability and the final wall-coating provides a smooth, joint-free playing surface for all climatic conditions, suitable for all humidity levels. In contrast to other court suppliers CourtTech provides a 10 year warranty on wall construction and 5 years on all other court elements, regardless of humidity level. Professional squash players all over the world endorse CourtTech courts and praise the excellent playing characteristics of this new wall system.


CourtTech has representatives in over 30 countries worldwide. Our partners know the specific characteristics of their own domestic markets and have developed the best solutions for your particular requirements. Our product portfolio ranges from recreational to professional tournament courts, including multi-function courts with movable side walls. We've built at clubs and schools, we've built in homes and religious centers, and we can build wherever you need courts. Allow CourtTech to show you how we are revolutionizing the court. 


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